Knowledge Training of Railway Transportation Safety Production Organized by CCRTT



        In order to conscientiously implement the “Safety Production Month” document spirit of the State Council, Beijing and BII, further strengthen the management level of railway transportation safety production, improve people’s safety production awareness, and promote safety production management work, a knowledge training course in relation to railway transportation safety production had been held by CCRTT in multi-purpose hall, 8/F, BII Building on June 2, 2017. Mr. Zhao Ruihua, the Deputy Director of Division II, the State Administration of Safety Supervision, had been invited to this training to give a lecture. Xuan Jing, CEO of CCRTT, management of CCRTT, all the staff in the front line departments of this project and that of departments related to safety production participated in this training. A total of 130 employees from BII and its system, including network companies, asset companies and express companies also had been invited to attend this training.


         At the beginning of the lecture, Mrs. Xuan briefed all on Mr. Zhao’s rich working experience. Mr. Zhao has served in the Ministry of Labor, State Economic and Trade Commission, State Administration of Work Safety and other departments. He is working as the Deputy Director of Division II, the State Administration of Safety Supervision, who is responsible for safety production supervision of road traffic, railway transport, urban rail transit, agriculture, tourism and other fields, with 35 years of safety production supervision experience. He is one of the top designers in China’s safety production fields.


         In the training, Mr. Zhao introduced current state and situation of our country’s safety production, and pointed out that the safety of railway transportation occupied an importation position in this field. Combined actual operation of CCRTT with his rich working experience, Mr. Zhao explained safety regulations and Xi Jinping’s importation instructions to safety production, through a group of detailed data analysis and many shocking real cases.


        In the end, Mrs. Xuan on behalf of the group expressed thanks to Mr. Zhao for his excellent lecture. She pointed out, through this training, all people can put safety production in an “above all else” position, and always remember safety production, so as to promote our safety production management levels.


        Through the training, everyone had a deep understanding of safety production work, and they said that they would further accomplish the setting-up of rules and regulations, so as to make CCRTT’s railway transportation safety production work develop by leaps and bounds.






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