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China City Railway Transportation Technology Holdings Company Limited (hereafter referred to as “CCRTT” or “the Group”) is the only overseas listed subsidiary of Beijing Infrastructure Investment Co., Ltd. (hereafter referred to as “BII”), a large wholly state-owned company funded by Beijing State-ownedAssets Supervision and Administration Commission (hereafter referred to as “SASAC”) of People’s Government of Beijing Municipality. BIIspecializes in the field of urban railway transportation and is an industry group engaging in the investment and financing, technology development, system construction as well as operation and maintenance. The Group was listed on the HK GEM board on 16 May 2012 and then transferred its listing to Main board on 6 December 2013, with stock code of1522.HK.


The parent company of CCRTT is Beijing Infrastructure Investment (Hong Kong) Limited, which is the wholly-owned subsidiary of BII in Hong Kong. BII is a state-owned company funded and established by SASAC of People’s Government of Beijing Municipality and it undertakes investment and financing, pre-planning, asset management, capital operation and management of related resource development and other functions of rail transit and other infrastructure projects in Beijing. By the end of 2014, BII has 22 wholly-owned subsidiaries, 26 holding companies and 23 joint stock companies, with registered capital of RMB65.8 billion, paid-in capital of RMB83.2 billion, net assets of RMB125.5 billion, total assets of RMB380.6 billion and retainedprofit of RMB6.6 billion. Besides, BIIis a comprehensive investment and financing company with strong influencein not only Beijing, but the whole country as well. Since its establishment in November 2003, relying on the investment and financing of rail transit and other infrastructure projects, BII has gradually built the “One Body, Two Wings” strategic development pattern, and its successfully operated PPP (public-private partnership), BT (build – transfer) and other market-based financing projects, self-built Beijing Metro Network Control Center project, rail depot and station upper cover and other comprehensive development projects have won national and municipal incentives.


During the “12th Five-year Plan” period, by seizing the opportunity of the development of urban rail transit construction and relying on BII’s “One Body, Two Wings” industrial layout and overseas capital markets, CCRTT has gradually formed Metro Civil Communication Business rental development pattern based on self-development and system integration. The core business of the Groupis involved in investment, financing, constructingand maintaining of urban rail transit construction, building full life-cycleindustry model for urban rail transit construction. CCRTTis the implementation platform for BII to perform industry promotion, investment and financing, resource development, project construction and maintenance in the field of urban rail transit.


The business scope of CCRTT includesmetro information system and metro civil communication services. At present, the Groupis the only supplier providing the greatest variety and most comprehensive application solutions and maintenance services at both network level and line level.Since 2014,CCRTT has successivelyacquired the civil communication assets which include both property and income rights of 134 underground stations of 11 subway lines of the Beijing Subway from BII. The Group also plans to acquire the civil communication assetsof Beijing Subway which has been invested and settled from BII. In respect of the future civil communication business, the Group will apply its own resources for investment and construction. Thus, the Group will have competitive advantage and be able to take initiative when negotiating and seeking cooperation with telecommunication companies in relation to any agreement regarding the use of related resources or cooperation agreement.


Moreover, on 18 May 2015, CCRTT entered into the non-legally binding Memorandum of Understanding with Beijing Mass Transit Railway Operation Corp., Ltd. (hereafter referred to as “Beijing MTR Operation”) and BII in relation the proposed established of the joint venture (hereafter referred to as “JV”) to jointly manage the existing Airport Express line of the Beijing Subway and attempt to obtain the operating incomes rights to the new Airport Express line of the Beijing Subway, including fare income, advertisement income and rental income, which will expand business scope of the Group to city railway operation.


With the rapid economic development of China, the government will vigorously develop urban public transport systems.Among them, city railway transportation has the greatest potential due to its remarkable benefit and the best solution to ease traffic problems. As one of the major suppliers of railway transportation systems in Beijing, the Groupwill adhere to the principle of “innovation, pragmatism and integrity” and continue to develop new solutions and products, to enhance professional knowledge so as to strengthen the competitive edge of metro information system business. Meanwhile, CCRTT will pay close attention to the technology trends and prioritize the value-added services related to metro civil communication business. Furthermore, if theformation of JV and the acquisition of Airport Express line go well, the Group shall focus on the development of subway line operating business andabsorb the experience of Beijing MTR Operationthrough the corporation so as toapply the operating mode of Airport Express Line to other lines, and will actively participate in the bidding for new line projects. CCRTT will push forward the acquisition of the existing Airport Express Line and accelerate business transformation to transform the Groupinto the “Beijing MTR” with lightassets. 


CCRTT is committed to serving the railway transportation industry in the long run and aims to be the most comprehensivecompetitive city railway transportation service provider in Asia.




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