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City Railway Transport System is primarily comprised of two components, namely Information System and Infrastructures.The Information System is further divided into network and line level. The former comprises lines, and the latter stations. To achieve centralized control, systems used at each station are connected to a line-level system that controls or monitors each line; and several line-level systems are then connected to a network-level system that controls or monitors the entire network.


Our application solutions are mainly used at network level, which enable multiple computer subsystems performing different functions at line level to be connected to upper network, thus allowing operators at control center to monitor and manage the operation of the entire city railway transport system.





CCRTT is the only supplier providing the greatest variety and most comprehensive application solutions and maintenance services at both network level and line level. The Group provides followingservices at both network and line levels:

The metro information systems involved in the network level include AFC Clearing Center (ACC), Traffic Control Center (TCC) and Passenger Control Center (PCC).The Group’s subsidiary ERG BJ has rich experience in the information system business at network level and occupies almost the entire market of Beijing.


ACC (AFC Clearing Center):Integrates the fare collection and ticketing subsystems of individual lines and operators to the network level. It facilitates our clients to handle clearing, settlement and apportionment functions. The system is able to process 15 million passengers’ data per day and support 25 lines. The Group’s wholly-owned subsidiary ERG HK mainly operates fare collection clearing system, and providing application solutions and maintenance services to operators.

TCC (Traffic Control Center) :Integrates information from each monitor and control centre in line levels to the network level to enable our clients to possess the functions of integrated monitoring, coordination of operation among different railway or subway lines or routes, electrical and mechanical subsystems, emergency control and sharing of information.

PCC (Passenger Control Center) :Integrates passenger information subsystems of different lines into the network level. Information such as weather, advertisements, news clippings, etc. to enable our clients to provide passenger with comprehensive informative services.


There are 17 subsystems at line level of each subway line. The Group’s subsidiary BII ERG now provides 5 of such subsystems including Auto Fare Collection (AFC), Multiple Line Center (MLC), Passenger Info System (PIS), Integrated Supervision & Control System (ISCS) and Platform Screen Door (PSD).


AFC (Auto Fare Collection): Integrate and process data and information of station computers of different lines in a public transport system.


MLC (Multiple Line Centre): MLC can replace the use of LCs so that the ACC System can communicate with a few MLCs, instead of a number of LCs, to enhance efficiency and standardization.


PIS (Passenger Info System): Enable information such as weather information, advertisements, news clippings etc. to be communicated to passengers through the use of various means including audio-broadcasting and digital display systems.


ISCS (Integrated Supervision & Control System): A line-level system which provides facilities for integrated, centralized and local control as well as the supervision of electrical and mechanical subsystems remotely located at passenger stations, online power substations and tunnels.


PSD (Platform Screen Door):Monitor and control the operation of safety or screen doors on platform, ensure the safety of passengers and prevent passengers waiting on the platform from falling into the track.




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